Monday, February 27, 2012

Cincinnati Style Chili and Our Cat Gets a Manicure

No seriously...

Basher is obsessed with nail files! One day a few years ago I was filing my nails and Basher would NOT leave me alone. So I grabbed his little paw and started filing. He didn't care one bit, just sat their like a princess at a salon. So now occasionally instead of clipping his nails, we just plop him down and do a little mani/pedi.

Nope, not spoiled at all.

Beyond kitty hygiene...I don't know what is with us and craving cold weather comfort foods recently, last week it was soup and this week we really wanted to make homemade chili. Maybe we're just missing winter on the east coast? I can't say that I am, the weather was once again beautiful today, although it did get cloudy and a little cold this afternoon.

On our afternoon walk we were talking about dinner options. In an effort to eat more meals at home, we've also been making recipes that have plenty of leftovers, and chili fits that perfectly. Ty is from Ohio and a few years ago he introduced me to Cincinnati style chili, which is basically chili over pasta. It's like having spaghetti with a really thick, meaty sauce, delicious!

I found this Cincinnati chili recipe online that looked easy. This is the picture from the site, I promise there is chili under than mound of cheese. 

I love cheese, but that seems a little unnecessary.

Sometimes chili recipes can have crazy long ingredient lists but this one wasn't too bad, and I had all of the spices on hand already. A trip to the grocery store for the meat, onion, and pasta and we were ready to go!

The only thing I did different than the recipe was using Garlic Gold nuggets instead of fresh garlic. No particular reason, we just happen to have a lot of it right now :) Ty was a little nervous that the spice combination which included cocoa powder and cinnamon, and I assured him that was pretty standard in chili recipes I'd seen, but I was a little worried too when I dumped it all together. It seemed like an awful lot of those two ingredients and I felt like you could taste the cocoa a lot when I tested it halfway through cooking, so I also added in a little bit of seasoning salt to balance it out a little.

It ended up perfect! The flavors were really rich and the cayenne gave it that really good, makes your cheeks warm but doesn't burn your mouth, kind of spiciness. I can't wait to have it again as leftovers tomorrow!

Chili is probably one of the most debated recipes in the country, there are so many different styles and everyone has their own way of making it or their own secret ingredient. This recipe didn't have much out of the ordinary except the cocoa and cinnamon, but I did make a recipe once that included a whole bottle of beer - definitely gave it a unique flavor!

Do you have a favorite style of chili or a secret ingredient that you always use? You're secrets are safe here :)


  1. i've always wanted to try cincinnati style chili like this! love how its served over pasta, so fun!

    1. You should! It's really filling too and you can stretch the chili out longer :)

  2. I am a chili whore - I could eat it all the time! If you go to my blog, on the right hand side I have my favorite chili recipes - although I love a Cincinnati chili, my favorite all time chili recipe is my buffalo chicken chili recipe - it helped that I made the title of my blog "Best Buffalo Chicken Chili" so its the first recipe that pops up on google!

    I've had about two dozen readers use the recipe for chili cook offs and almost all them won a prize, if not first place. :D

    1. Wow, buffalo chicken chili sounds amazing! Thanks for the recipe :)