Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Our Football On

First thing first: WE GOT AN APARTMENT!! You have no idea how big of a relief that is :) I can't wait to finally get settled and feel like we actually live here, not like we're just on an extended vacation.

Moving on...We have done a TON of football watching since we've been here in California. Ty is a pretty big football fan anyway, but this is the first time we've lived in a city with a professional team and it seems like everyone here is a fan. Also, the area we live in has a bar dedicated to almost every team you can think of, college and NFL, where their fans can come together to watch the game. Walking around Pacific Beach  we came across a Buckeye bar:

Right next door to a Michigan bar:

And last Thursday, we met our friends Jay and Maylanni at a Hokies bar to watch the game! That would be Virginia Tech for the non-football fans...I forgot to take pictures but it was completely full of Hokies, we felt like we were back in Blacksburg except we weren't freezing our butts off :) I went to school about 30 minutes from Virginia Tech and we had friends there (including Jay) so we went up a few times to watch games. I'm not a crazy huge football fan, but there is nothing better than the energy on game day in a college town.

It's somewhat similar here for Chargers games, everyone is decked out in their Chargers gear! We happen to be Raiders fans, one of the Chargers biggest rivals, so last Thursday in addition to watching the Hokies we got to watch the big Raiders vs. Chargers game! It was played here in San Diego and we saw more Raiders fans than I thought we would, but still they're definitely the minority. We're actually going to root for the Chargers too, seeing as they are our hometown team now. I also really like their colors so I'm looking forward to getting a t-shirt :) but for this particular game, we had to cheer on the Raiders. And they won!

Being a new Chargers fan, I found something else I already like besides their colors, the San Diego Super Chargers song! You can't help but dance a little in your seat when they play that in the bar.

Ty and Jay met up last to watch the Hokies again, I had a headache that was right on the borderline of a migraine so I stayed home and took it easy. Luckily it went away with my usual cocktail of Advil, caffeine and a lot of water - I've figured out a lot of them start from dehydration, i.e. drinking 3 glasses of wine the night before without much water in between.

Happy Friday!! We'll no doubt be watching football and hopefully figuring out the logistics of getting ourselves moved all moved in to the new place.