Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Big (Not Pregnant) Announcement!

Had to throw that "not pregnant" part in there...being a newlywed, or really in your mid-twenties in general, that just seems to be what everyone jumps to when you say you have news :)
I can now official announce that Ty and I are moving to San Diego!!!

In 2 weeks. We go big here in our house.

Why San Diego?

The main reason is that I am planning to get my Masters in Non-profit Leadership from the University of San Diego. Or that's the main reason we're telling everyone anyway :) have you seen the weather there? We're also just ready to try something new. This isn't a surprise to a lot of people we know, it's something we've been talking about for almost 2 years. The pieces came together to make it work now. Like right now. Two weeks now.

It's risky, there is no doubting that, but it is something that we both agree if we didn't do, we would regret it. I already have a job lined up that I am VERY excited about (more on that later) and right now Ty is enjoying playing "house hubby" and getting us ready for the move. I'm still working at Komen until next Friday, mostly tying up loose ends, documenting processes and saying the inevitable goodbyes.

The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind as we pack, sell, and ship everything we own from Virginia to California. Any tips you have about moving across the country are welcome! We're still working on logistics but here are a few things we know for sure:
  • We are selling both of Ty's vehicles and shipping my car to CA (I don't have a car payment so financially, this makes the most sense)
  • We will be shipping at least some of our stuff but are putting great effort into taking only what is absolutely necessary.
  • We have a place to stay when we get there thanks to our awesome friend and groomsmen Jay.
  • My first day at my new job is November 7th, so we have to be out there before then!
  • We have a great group of friends in San Diego already who have been completely supportive and helpful.
What we don't know yet:
  • How we're going to transport our 3 cats across the country. Options are to fly or drive them.
  • Whether we should sell our big stuff (couch, TV, mattress) and try to buy them out there or ship them out. There is serious math involved there!
  • How we're going to fit in saying goodbye to all of our family and friends here!
I think a lot of people think we're crazy to make a big move right after our wedding but we're looking at it as an adventure. We're making lists, occasionally getting overwhelmed, but mostly we're still on a wedding high and this is just one more thing for us to plan and look forward to!

We're also going to have to get creative in the kitchen during these two weeks, or maybe hand that off to my house hubby :) as we try to use up everything that's been sitting in our pantry since...well a long time. We stocked up on a few fresh ingredients last night, but we're going to keep food shopping to a minimum. Tonight 's dinner was a perfect example straight out of our pantry:

  • Grilled, marinated chicken
  • 1 can of corn
  • 1 can of green beans
  • 1 bag of 90 second red beans & rice
Doesn't sound too exciting but it was a good meal!

Off to eat and pack! Or watch Castle and drink wine...or something :)


  1. i am insanely jealous and excited for you all at the same time!!! :)

  2. @Kim Thanks! We have a lot to do but we're really excited :)

  3. Oh girl, I am so happy and excited for you!! Sounds like it's going to be a super fast move so guessing I won't see ya before you transfer coasts, but I'll definitely look forward to following your adventures on the bloggie! :)

  4. @Stephanie @cookinfanatic Thank you! Yeah the next week is going to go by fast I'm sure but I'll definitely be posting updates :)

  5. Yay San Diego! Excited to have another food blogger here! Looking forward to meeting you - best of luck with the move. (PS I'd sell big stuff, unless you're planning to drive a truck out yourself. I've moved twice in two years and whew, it gets expensive.)

  6. @Lisa Thank you, we're very excited to get out there! Would love to meet!

  7. This is awesome and so so exciting!! Best of luck in the coming busy weeks!

  8. @healthy ashley Thank you!! So far everything has gone really well :) and Ashley congrats to you on all of your progress!