Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Learning from others & 1/2 marathon training has started!

The past few weeks I’ve gotten really into reading healthy living blogs and I’m finding myself even more motivated to focus on making healthy food for Ty and I. It started when I met Brittany from Eating Bird Food and started reading her blog (and running with her!), through her I found Carrots n' Cake, Eat, Live, Run and my current obsession Healthy Tipping Point. I think what resonates with me is that these girls all have a similar story to my own and they take the pressure out of eating healthy. I’ve mentioned before that one of the reasons I’m not good at cooking is that I get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about how to cook and also how complicated recipes seem to be for meals that turn out just ok.

This past week I also started training for my second 1/2 marathon! The race is here in Richmond in November. I joined the SportsBackers training team again this year and I’ve gotten off to a pretty good start, although I did skip a run over the weekend because I was enjoying some quality relaxation time at my parents’ cabin. Two things I learned from training last year: 1.) I need to strength train more and 2.) I need to think of food as fuel for my workouts. I’m hoping these two things will help me improve my time and help my legs not feel like jello around mile 12.

So what does all this mean cooking wise? Well for one thing I’ve already realized it means I need to spend more time on preparation and planning for meals. I'm famous for knowing what I want to make for dinner then deciding to pick something up or make a frozen pizza because the prep work will take too long. But another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these bloggers eat fresh food that requires little or no cooking - Yay!

Last night we tried a batch of chicken salad again and changed three things: 1.) Ty grilled the chicken 2.) I went easier on the mayo and 3.) we left out the hard boiled eggs (mostly because I didn’t feel like cooking them). I just had some for lunch and it was delicious! We both agreed we like grilling the chicken better than baking it, the flavor is a little different and it’s less cleanup :)

As a result of making the chicken salad I now also have plenty of diced red/yellow/orange peppers to toss on salads or in my eggs (tried that this morning, mmm) and some diced red onion. Didn’t realize how convenient it is to just go ahead and chop that stuff up! I’m also getting used to eating raw vegetables, its always been a texture thing for me and I’ve never really given myself a chance to get used to it.

I’m actually excited for my run this afternoon and even more excited to be leaving for vacation next Thursday! We’ll spend 9 days in the Outer Banks with a group of friends and then 3 days in the mountains of VA with my family and more friends. We’ve been tasked with cooking dinner one night in OBX for about 16 people...I’ll definitely take pictures and drink plenty of wine :)


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