Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If I Can't be Diane Lane

I'll make Tuscan chicken & beans and pretend the sun is out.

After a slight cooking hiatus, I'm back in full force and ready to try another meal from the cookbook. I actually bought the ingredients for this one last week but got lazy and dialed Yum Yum Chinese instead.

Ingredients: chicken, rosemary, salt, pepper, chicken broth, 1 can cannellini beans (drained), and sun-dried tomato sprinkles. Food Lion didn't have cannellini beans or sun-dried tomatoes in sprinkle form so I went with Great Northern beans because they looked the same as the ones in the picture (apparently a good deduction on my part) and regular sun-dried tomatoes (found once again in the trusty yet oddly out of place Sons of Italy section, not in the seemingly obvious tomato products section). I don't know if rice as a side dish is "Tuscan" but it sounded good and I was pretty sure I couldn't mess it up.

Cost: around $10

Once again I read the instructions and cut things up BEFORE heating the pan, but I didn't take into account the amount of ingredients and size of the pan, so about 2 mins. into heating the chicken I had to make an emergency pan transfer. I'm getting really good at these emergency mid-cooking manuevers. While the chicken browned I started the rice, rinsed the beans and chopped the sun-dried tomatoes into confetti (I decided the idea of tomato flavored confetti is less weird than tomato flavored sprinkles). For some reason chopping up sun-dried tomatoes made me feel very Rachel Ray, I think I even started talking out loud while I did it, I may have said "yummo".

Once the chicken was almost done, I dumped in everything else and simultaneously realized I was supposed to season the chicken with the rosemary, salt and pepper before I put it in the pan. Once again, emergency mid-cooking seasoning manuever. Since a lot of the meals from this cookbook have been a little bland, I added more of each of the seasonings than it called for.

I let it all simmer while the rice was finishing up and then served it up

Verdict: Diane Lane non ha nulla su di me. (apparently that means Diane Lane has nothing on me...I Googled an Italian translator so it might actually say Diane Lane has smelly feet, I have no idea)

This was definitely the most filling meal so far, and it made great leftovers.

We had planned to try another pork recipe tonight but I think we're going to the state fair instead. Bring on the turkey legs and fried oreos.