Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ladies, start your ovens

I can’t cook and it’s becoming a problem.

It's a problem for my wallet, my confidence and my boyfriend who is forced to either endure whatever disaster I put on the table or heat up another frozen pizza. Not to mention my determination to eat healthier, healthy food is not on the delivery menus in my area.

This week alone I have single handedly managed to turn a simple salmon cake recipe into something resembling dry dog food, a seemingly easy cheese sauce into a watery cheese soup and incinerate a poor unsuspecting chicken breast. And its only Wednesday.

Having heard my whining long enough, my mom & my boss, Linda, have decided to intervene: Mom is going to help me prepare 1 meal a week under her watchful eye. Linda has gifted to me the Cooking Light 5 Ingredient, 15 Minute Cookbook (basically Cooking for Dummies masquerading as a real cookbook). The goals are simple: don't burn the chicken while Mom is watching & don't burn down the house trying to cook 2 meals a week from the cookbook.

This experiment starts tomorrow night: my house, my mother, crab cakes & a salad.


  1. Yay ! Your writing is hysterical this will be a fun way to keep up with you. So excited you are doing this ! - Julia